Our researchers tackle a variety of complex public health and health care-related issues that often require multi-disciplinary and/or multi-methodological approaches to achieve outcomes that benefit individuals as well as whole communities.

Our Center has a strong focus on current health issues of Asian communities under-represented in research, and seeks to develop strategic ways to improve and visualize the health status of this fast growing population.

We also value partnerships with the other research academics to further the Center’s mission to:

  • Cultivate an interdisciplinary approach to studying Asian health,
  • Provide information guided by research to enhance the capacity of health services in delivering effective and culturally appropriate interventions,
  • Build a new focal point of exchange on Asian health with both the local and international research communities, and finally
  • Disseminate and analyze the outcomes of relevant Asian health research to meaningfully impact policy efforts for the equitable allocation of resources to Asian health programs and services.