The Center for Asian Health Equity (CAHE) provides a central location for the comprehensive evaluation of the health issues and diverse healthcare needs of Asian American communities in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Established in 2015, CAHE is a partnership between the University of Chicago and the Asian Health Coalition that brings together the assets of a world class research institution and a respected non-profit organization to investigate health disparities that disproportionately affect Asian American populations. We take a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach through a comprehensive program for research, health education, teaching, community engagement and information dissemination.

Our Research

Our researchers tackle a variety of complex public health and health care-related issues that often requre multi-disciplinary and/or multi-methodological approaches to achieve outcomes that benefit individuals as well as whole communites. Our Center has a strong focus on current health related issues of Asian communities under-represented in research, and seeks to develop strategic ways to improve and visualize the health status of this fast growing population. We also value partnerships with our research academics to further the Center’s mission.

Our Leadership Team

Our CAHE leadership team is taking bold steps in promoting innovation among our community of teachers and learners and by focusing our research efforts on addressing real-world problems and integrating the work of researchers, clinicians, community-based organizations, government, business and academic/medical partners.