Examples of Health
Disparities among Asian Americans

Among smoking prevalence for Asian ethnic subgroups in the U,S. rates observed among Chinese men ranged from 14.3% to 33.6% Chicago’s Chinatown neighborhood had the 2nd highest rates of tobacco use (33%) in survey of 10 ethnic communities

Asian Americans women (ages 18+) were least likely to have had a Pap test (68.0%) compared with other women: non-Hispanic white (72.8%), non-Hispanic black (77.4%), Hispanic/Latino (73.6%), American Indian/Alaska Native (73.4%).

The prevalence of hepatitis B (a primary cause of liver cancer) among Asian audits in the Chicago metropolitan area was 7.3% in 2012, compared to 0.5% – 1% among the general population.

Asians are then only racial/ethnic group in the city of Chicago to have heart disease (stroke and hypertension) and diabetes in the top 4 leading causes of death

Table 1: Leading Causes of Death By Race in City of Chicago

Chicago White African American Hispanic Asian
Heart Disease Heart Disease Heart Disease Heart Disease Cancer
Cancer Cancer Cancer Cancer Heart Disease
Stroke Stroke Stroke Diabetes Stroke
Accidents COPD Accidents Strokes Diabetes

Source: Chicago Plan for Health System Improvement, 2012-2016, CDPH

In a comprehensive need assessment survey of Asian ethnic populations in 2008, depressive symptoms were present in 84% of Chinese, 88% of Cambodian, and 63% of Vietnamese participants. This is particularly concerning given that Asian have one of the Highest Suicide rates in the U.S.