Community Engagement

CAI_AlbanyParkOur community partners are important health system stakeholders as they provide numerous, often highly valued programs and services to the members in underserved Asian American communities. Our community-based organization (CBO) partners understand their local communities and are connected to the groups they serve, and often provide essential primary healthcare to their constituencies who do not have usual sources of care and lack access due to cultural, structural and financial barriers. In addition, CBOs also play important advocacy and collaborate with health system decision-makers and stakeholders in the development of policy, programs and services. Such activities help to facilitate the involvement of communities and the public in the planning and implementation of their healthcare.

Laoe_FoxValleyCAHE also has collaborative partnerships with public and private sector partners through its relationship with the Asian Health Coalition. Such partnerships are important as they aim to improve population-level health outcomes by creating important and sustainable environmental and system-level changes in which health-related behaviors occur. Our multi-sectoral approach makes us unique and is a strength in our ability to serve the broad pan-Asian American population, the ultimate beneficiaries of our programs and research. Key to a successful multi-sectoral strategy is for us to be dynamic, flexible, strategic and responsive. We seek to involve community-based organizations, health departments, healthcare payor systems and policymakers, with each taking responsibility for making the best use of its resources, and last but not least, we must include sectors outside government – business, civic organizations and communities, with full recognition with attention given to supporting existing community coping strategies.Heartland_RogersPark

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