The Center for Asian Health Equity (CAHE) provides a central location for the comprehensive evaluation of the health issues and diverse healthcare needs of Asian American communities in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Established in 2015, CAHE is a partnership between the University of Chicago and the Asian Health Coalition that brings together the assets of a world class research institution and a respected non-profit organization to investigate health disparities that disproportionately affect Asian American populations. We take a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach through a comprehensive program for research, health education, teaching, community engagement and information dissemination.

CAHE represents a major commitment by the University of Chicago to address needs that goes well beyond the traditional service role of an academic medical center, with a strong focus on closing the gaps in Asian American health data by engaging research scientists to conduct innovative descriptive, explanatory and methodologic research and ongoing monitoring of socioeconomic, racial/ethnic and other social determinants of health and access to health care.